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Follow along with me as I make a tumbler from start to finish!

First things first... I have to think of a design. I use Cricut Design Space to make the designs and then my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut them out.

Once I have my decal cut out and applied to the cup, I start glittering away (if the design calls for glitter) This specific design required me placing the glitter by hand. 

Added the blue and getting ready to add some yellow accents.

Once all the glitter has been applied, it's time to wait and let the adhesive dry fully.


I went ahead and added a quote and now it's time to protect it! I use Art Resin Epoxy to seal all my tumblers. I choose to use Art Resin as it's VOCs and BPA free! And one of the most important qualities is, it is food safe!

Once the epoxy is applied, time to spin for 4-6 hours. Every cup gets 2-3 top coats for a long lasting finish.

After 72 hours, the cup is safe to be shipped out and used! 

For more information on the resin I use and frequently asked questions on food safety you can follow this link to Art Resin's website!

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  • These are beautiful.

    Arlene Henriques on

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