How I Got Started

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

One question I'm frequently asked is how did I come up with making fandom tumblers for my small business. 

The answer might surprise you, but it wasn't originally my idea. My sister and I were talking one day and she made a comment on how she was looking into starting a business making glitter tumblers. She had already done a bunch a research, and with being a SAHM, it would give her something to do, and possibly bring in a little bit of money.

After she left, I started looking for tumblers for the bookish community. After searching google and etsy, I wasn't having much luck. The next time we talked, I told her how I couldn't find much and that if she made tumblers inspired after books, she would open up a whole new window of possibilities. She's not a reader, so I told her I could help by letting her know of popular books and fandoms. We also talked about going in as partners. She already had most of the materials needed, but she also lives 45 minutes away. We ended up deciding to go in as partners, having a website and then any bookish orders would go my way, other styles would go hers and we would just each work out of our home. 

Fast forward about a month and she decided to let me have the whole business, as she finally got accepted into an advanced taxidermy school, which is what she was wanting to do anyways. I talked with my husband to get his take on me starting up my own business. I'm also a SAHM and with having twins and a 9 year old daughter, life was already busy around the house. He was 100% on board with it. 

This business was not set out to be a huge money maker. It's main goal was to give me something to do and keep me busy. If we could make just enough to keep going, I was happy. I ended up expanding what I carried because once the ideas started coming, it was hard to not at least try. 

So far, the support has been amazing and you are making my dreams come true of being able to stay home with the kids. So for that, a huge thank you.


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