Vicious by VE Schwab Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

I went into this book knowing pretty much nothing, which is my favorite way to go into a new world. There is a ton of time jumping so that definitely takes some getting used to and can be a bit confusing if you're like me, and don't pay attention to the transition of new chapters. However, once I slowed down a bit and made sure I read each time jump, I really enjoyed how this story unfolds. 
Both Victor and Eli are very complicated characters, both very similar but also widely different. I like how the two differ in their religious beliefs and how it pertains to science. One who believes that science and God go hand in hand, where the other believes that science disproves it. 
I loved the fact that there is no "hero vs villains" aspect of this story. It's more of villain vs villain and I'm here for it! Victor was definitely the one I was rooting for because even though his motivation was more revenge focused, and he could be a prick, he still showed soft spots. Even though he believes he's a bad guy (and he is) he also has some morals left in him which leads to a very unique relationship with Mitch and Sydney. 
If you love a "superhero" story without the superheroes, this is definitely the book for you! 


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