Vengeful by VE Schwab Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

I was definitely interested in seeing where this book was going to go after the ending of Vicious and I can't say I saw this coming. This story continues to follow Eli, Victor, Sydney, Mitch and who can forget Dol but also adds in some new characters. 

This book is full of sociopaths and I'm not disappointed. It's written in the same style as the first with all the jumping off time lines, but also there was a lot of jumping between characters POV which I love getting. There is tons of thrilling action and I honestly could not have predicted the ending if I had tried. 

I had actually anticipated Eli and Victor working together at one point/resolving their issues and boy was I happily wrong at the outcome. I really enjoyed how Sydney grew into her own person and her determination to be her own person. She went through a crap childhood, and lived with criminals for years, but there is good, and a sense of innocence still in her. 

I love how well the duology was wrapped up, not a 100% happy ending, but happy enough. I wouldn't mind another book in this same world following some of the new characters we were introduced to as well as old. 


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