Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raash Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

A dying kingdom, kingdoms at war, lost magic, dark magic, romance, plot twists and one determined orphaned girl. This book has it all! 
The world building was absolutely amazing! It took me a minute to realize there was more than 4 kingdoms but once I figured out there were 8, 4 Seasons and 4 Rythms, it was easier to follow along. 
I love Meira. She is a character who I easily felt for. Her determination to be her own person, live her own path and to show that she mattered. She really struggled with wanting to be seen for her accomplishments and to prove she was enough. My heart broke with her everytime she did something and was looking for approval, but never seemed to get it. But she also never gave up which is inspiring. 
I loved how action packed this story is. You get a lot of information, really fast, but you also get a fast-paced book that's always keeping you on your toes. I was able to guess the plot twist to an extent but it wasn't exactly what I was thinking. I'm happy about that though. I wasn't super thrilled with my idea of events. 
I thought the book wrapped up wonderfully and cannot wait to dive into Ice Like Fire. If you loved Throne of Glass, seriously pick up this book! It is amazing!


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