Pandemonium By Willow Anderson Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

This is such an amazing book! The world of Pandemonium is chaotic and wonderful!

Lace is a princess, who has just lost her parents in an accidental carriage crash. However, she believes it's murder. Her brother has let the crown go to his head and immediately arranges a marriage to a rival kingdom. Pandemonium comes back after years of disappearance with a competition where the winner gets an invaluable prize. Now Lace is not only trying to win the competition to find her parents killer, find a way out of an arranged marriage to a horrible prince, but also fighting the pull of a new stranger in town and the Ring Master. 

The world building is absolutely amazing in Pandemonium. I loved all the different shops and stages in the tent. I could picture everything so well as if I was standing right there next to Lace and experiencing it with her. I wanted to jump into the book and walk the streets with her. 

Lace was a very easy character to sympathize with. She's hot-headed and emotional and tends to follow her heart over her head, although it's a constant battle between the two. She also didn't always have the answers to every problem that came her way. Even though she tried to do things on her own, she had to seek out help. 

The ending completely threw me for a loop which is my favorite type of ending. I honestly couldn't have guessed it, even though I was consistently trying to figure out who our murderer was. 

If you loved Caraval, then you seriously need to pick up this book! It has all the magic and chaos that I love in a circus book.


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