Orion by L.K. Hingey Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

Join our heroes Kimber & Tristan, along with their Aurorean brothers and sisters, on a journey west to find answers in the wasteland that has become America. 
The trail is riddled with monsoons and surprises, taking our characters into the heart of the nuclear warzone that reshaped America over a century ago. Are the answers they seek worth risking their lives for though? Cheyenne beckons on the horizon and the biggest surprise of all awaits.
Book two in the Elyrian Chronicles, Orion, picks up quickly and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The trip through a barred world to hopefully find another civilization, not knowing what natural disasters they will encounter, and not knowing what they will find, is a thrilling journey.
I really enjoyed how you could really empathize with the characters, and also share their sense of adventure and fears. Also, be prepared for a wild ride towards the end of the book! 


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