Nevernight by Jay Kristoff Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

First line: People often shit themselves when they die. I mean how does this not pull you in.

If you like dark fantasy and 18+ content, then this is the book for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this book with all the action and wit. I definitely think Mr. Kindly stole the show every time he felt the need to say something. 

Some of my favorite comments from him were: 

"Bravo, if only I had hands to applaud." 

"Be still my beating heart…. Oh wait"

And a few others that were mildly inappropriate. Mr. Kindly is full of wit and sass and I love him for it. 

Now Mia I loved as a character for a number of reasons. Even though she's 16 and training to be an assassin, she wasn't written unrealisticly. Yes she's a badass with super awesome Darkin skills, but she's still a young hormonal teenager. She still craves friendship, companionship, love and acceptance. She still loves to gossip and wants to be herself. She's afraid of failure and disappointing others. I love how through the book it shows all these things which make her relatable as a human not just a badass character in a book. 

Now, on the subject of the footnotes. I enjoyed them and hated them pretty equally. I loved the extra tid-bits of information that they have throughout the story, however I ended up skipping the longer ones until the end of the chapter. At the end of the chapter I would go back and read them. For me, it personally just pulled me out of the story and was a bit of a mood killer. I enjoyed them much more once I started doing that instead of reading them as they popped up. 

Knowing the author, why I was hoping for a happily ever after is beyond me, but I was and my heart definitely broke when there wasn't a miracle life surviving event at the end. But I definitely wouldn't want it any other way. A happily ever after would have been to cliche for a story this dark and bloody. 

Overall, a fantastic read and I'm looking forward to starting book 2 very soon.


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