Kimber by LK Hingey Book Review

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Kimber is based in a dystopian world where a solar flare has caused Earth to be uninhabitable on the surface. The human population has been driven underground in order to survive. Scientists have grafted a new species, the Auroreans, to be able to visit the surface and withstand the radiation from the sun. However, the council is hiding secrets from the people of Inanna and the Auroreans. In this book, you follow Kimber in a race against time and the elements in order to bring light to the dishonesty of the council and lighten their hold on the people of Inanna. 

I enjoyed reading Kimber and think the series has a ton of potential to become a great read. I did find the beginning a bit slow and it was hard to really get into the book. The first few chapters are a ton of information, that I personally felt was a bit repetitive. I saw some of it as necessary as it helps build the world that these people are living in, but some information you are given in the beginning, doesn't apply in the rest of the book. However, one past that section,it does pick up with some drama and adventure. There were even a few scenes that had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

There is some friends to lovers romance in this book which I enjoyed. I feel like the characters work well together. **Spoiler** One thing I'm not a fan of though is that throughout the book, the Auroreans think of themselves as brothers and sisters so when these two start falling for each other, it feels a bit incesty. (I know I said I feel like they are good for each other, but I honestly forgot that but until it was brought up again a bit later in the book.) They are all children of different mother's who had grafted embryos implanted in them so I don't think there's any real relation so it helps thinking of it that way. 

I enjoyed how this book made me think of the situation these characters were put into and wonder how I would react being put into this same situation. 

Overall I did enjoy the book and flew through it pretty quickly. I am interested to see where the author goes with the story with all the secrets that were uncovered. 


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