Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

Book 2 of the Snow Like Ashes trilogy takes your across multiple Kingdoms, while Meira tries to find a way to get out of underneath the debt of Cordell, and keep her Kingdom free. This book is filled with action and schemes. 
However I was very surprised with how detailed some scenes would be and then how quickly others were. I felt like each Kingdom visited could have had more page time and each quest (for lack of better term while trying to avoid spoilers) wouldn't have been completed so quickly. It was pretty anticlimactic, and everything seemed way too easy. 
Meira is such a strong, but struggling soul in this book. I feel for her and her struggle with being a good Queen, but also not loosing herself. She's always trying to do what's the best for her Kingdom, but she realises that she is also loosing herself in the process. She hates her new role and being someone she doesn't want to be. 
Poor Mather, I just want to pull him into a great big hug!
I love all the imagery of each individual Kingdom. Sara does an amazing job, and I could easily picture the cold snowy mountains of Winter, the brutal heat and sand storms of Summer, the Steampunk kingdom of the Yakim, and the colorful, eccentric style of the Ventralli Kingdom.
I'm really excited to see where Sara takes the last book and to visit some more beautiful kingdoms. 


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