Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

Such an epic conclusion to an amazing trilogy! I love how well the story wrapped up and how we don't get a completely happily ever after. 
This is my favourite book of the series, which is unusual for me, as I tend to love the first one the best. It's action scene after action scene. So much happens, but not too fast where you are wondering what happened, why or how. It was extremely hard to put down, so I just flew through it. 
There were a ton of emotions that ran through me in this book. Happiness, grief, anger, and frustration. I felt them all. And
I loved the fact that even though this book was filled with action, you still got a sense of the world around you. Sara did an amazing job describing each setting that you could easily picture the surrounding area. There was a battle raging on, but it was so easy to picture the scenery around the battle as well. 
That ending though! I felt like it wrapped up everything so nicely and was so well done. It didn't end too fast, but also didn't drag on. And everyone was not ok. I think that's my favorite part. It was a war, people died and not everyone got a happily ever after. 6 months later, and still everyone was healing, moving forward, and wasn't 100% ok. It was realistic and I'm here for it.


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