Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on

Who says assassin's can't have a happily ever after? Well I guess I can't really say that though can I?

This really was an epic conclusion to an epic trilogy. Mia goes through so much trauma through her story. I was easily able to love with her, rage with her, and have my heart broken with her. She is a girl with a story to tell, and man did she tell it. She is a girl who lost everything, only to gain everything. She is an assassin who's main drive is vengeance, but even though she comes close so many times to losing herself, she always found her way through her found family. She found her way through love and that kept her together.

There is a huge cast of side characters. But even with all of them, I never felt like anyone got the short end of the stick when it came to who they were as a person. Everyone has a backstory and a personality. I could easily picture them and remember who was who, where they fit in, and where they came from. They are as real and important to this story as Mia is. Even the characters with more (or less) than 2 feet. 

Another thing I loved was the world. Even though this is the last book in the trilogy, the world building is still there. The new lands and seas were easily pictured in my mind. Crossing the whiperwastes was just as detailed and thrilling as the first time. I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say a movie was playing behind my eyes while reading the words on the page. I couldn't tell you how many times I didn't realize chapters were flying by because I wasn't conscious of the actual words in front of me. It really is done amazingly.

This book is amazing! (Have I said that yet?) There is so much going on it's really hard to find a good spot to stop reading. The only thing that stopped me was sleep because I can't read with my eyes closed. I highly recommend this trilogy. It only gets better with every book and it wrapped up with one amazing battle. You won't be able to put this book down!


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