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What are some of your favorite bookish items (besides books)?

After I joined the online book community, I was shocked by how many small businesses there were out there dedicated to all things books. Here are some of my favorite items to buy and where I like to buy them!

My first favorite thing: the mugs! 

I received my first mug from Owlcrate with their line of Harry Potter mugs designed by Cara Kozik. The artwork is absolutely stunning and I fell in love immediately! At this point, I have managed to collect all that have been released and I'm hoping to get the rest of the set. I actually don't use these mugs, but they are displayed on my bookshelves. I'm too afraid of breaking them and not being able to replace them. Yes I'm odd that way. You can find her website here: 

Cara Kozik's Etsy

I also love the mugs from Ali at CoffeeandBooksShop. I bought the ADSOM mug from her and it's perfect for my morning coffee. She has a bunch of beautiful designs, so make sure you check it out!

You can find Ali's website here: Coffee and Books Shop

I have also seen some beautiful ones from Illumicrate and Fairyloot but I don't have any of those. I also noted there wasn't a ton of to-go cups for the book community which is how I decided to look into my own business. You can read about that on my blog here: How I Got Started


My next favorite thing: the candles!

I had no idea that there were candles specifically for my favorite books. (Apparently I've been living under a rock for many, many years.) Over my last few years in the Bookstagram community, I have discovered so many amazing candle shops and have grown quite the collection. 

One of my favorite shops is Wicks by Pearl. Kenzie's candles smell absolutely amazing and the glitter game is strong! I ended up discovering this shop when she released a bundle for The Remnant Chronicles. I had just recently read and fell in love with the series and I couldn't find merch for it anywhere. One day scrolling through my feed, I stumbled upon one of Kenzie's reps and saw the candles and checked out the website right away. While I was there, I also saw she had a Shades of Magic bundle which was perfect because that is my all time favorite series. I ordered them and haven't gone back since. When I'm looking for new candles, it's definitely the first place I go.

You can find the website here: Wicks by Pearl

Another shop I love is Timeless Prints Ca

My first purchase from Mina was a quarterly box. Then I went order crazy and bought a ton more during one of her sales. You can expect an amazing quality candle every time and they also smell great. I've burned a few from this shop and my favorite is the wood wick candles. Every candle is different. I've received just a plain wax candle, candles with glitter, dried flowers, and other fun items in the wax. I was a influencer for Mina this last spring, and I can honestly saw she is a very sweet individual who I love supporting.

You can find her website here: Timeless Prints Ca.

I could continue to go on, but there are just so many out there, a quick google search will help you. 

Third item: Bookmarks

I am a reader who will always use a bookmark when I'm reading. If for some reason I cannot find the one I was using (I swear they grow legs and walk away sometimes) I will use anything in quick reach. Like the candles, there are a ton of bookmark businesses out there. I'm not going to go on about each on here but just list them all for you.

Oktoberdots Shop


The Bookish Den Shop

Bookbook Owl Designs

All of these shops create a high quality bookmark that will last for a long time.

There are also so many more items I love getting but those are definitely my top three. I've pretty much learned that if you want it, look hard enough and you will find it. 

**I'm not being paid to advertise any of these shops and I do not receive any commissions or incentives for promoting them. I honestly love these shops and buy from them again and again.


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