Beasts of Ruin Book Review

Posted by Chelsea Poff on


"We're all going to die someday. If my day is today, I'd rather die doing something interesting."


Do we have a date for book 3 yet? Asking for a friend. 😂


I'm always wary going into book 2 of a series with the fear of it just being a filler book. I'm excited to say, this was not the case! I absolutely loved following along Koffi, Ekon and Binti through their own adventures. There are different POV throughout the book and one POV is in a different timeline. However, jumping through the different POV is done so well that I never felt like I was leaving one story for another. 


I loved how much Koffi and Ekon's characters grew from the last book to this one. They are truly finding themselves and gaining confidence in themselves. 


I cannot wait to see where their next adventure takes them. 


Honest review was given in exchange for an e-arc


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